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What is the “The Ad-Hoc Globalists”?

Welcome to The Ad-Hoc Globalists independent webpage. This webpage is dedicated to the publication of articles with a substantive focus on global and international phenomena. Specifically, academic and non-academic perspectives on international relations, comparative politics, and international economics (just to name a few).

So what is a Globalists? A Globalists is a theoretical position that asserts globalization is a truly global phenomena which encompasses the entirety of the globe. So why is it Ad-hoc? The ad-hoc substantively refers to the current complexity of globalization, specifically the counterintuitive tendencies of the social, political, and economic forces at play. Therefore, an Ad-Hoc Globalists accepts the intensified nature of a globalizing world not with embracement, but with skepticism.

I hope this webpage sparks a interest to other individuals who are willing to share ideas openly, but through critical thought. The Ad-Hoc Globalists was established with the aim to broaden our substantive understanding of the “global” and “international.”