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Strategic Trade Policy, What’s Next?

By Sheldon Birkett September 27th, 2018 

As Canadian official tread lightly in latest round of NAFTA negotiations the United States is strategically “gaming” the odds in their favour.

Divergence of the European Monetary Union’s Monetary Policy from Member-States’ Fiscal Policies as a Structural Deficiency in the Eurozone Crisis

By Sheldon Birkett April 16th, 2018
The European Monetary Union’s (EMU) reforms, following the 2009 Eurozone crisis, proved to have mixed results on the future stability of European economic integration.

Featured Articles

Trade Politics, a Politics of Illusion

By Sheldon Birkett January 6th, 2018
On December 18, 2017, Canadian and British governments materialized in front of a U.S. trade tribunal arguing against Trump’s aggressive countervailing duties on Bombardier’s C-series jet.

Venezuela: The Inevitable Crisis?

By Sheldon Birkett May 22nd, 2017
Last Thursday the United States imposed unprecedented sanctions upon the Venezuelan Supreme Court chief judge, Maikel Moreno, for his involvement in the devolution of the opposition led Venezuelan National Assembly.

The Political-Economy of Kalecki

By Sheldon Birkett February 21st, 2017
Would an increase in wages decrease corporate profits or increase prices? This is one of the central questions behind Michal Kalecki’s article Political Aspects of Full Employment published in 1943.

Liberalism and Globalization

By Sheldon Birkett January 24th, 2017
In a world dominated by an ever-increasing bureaucratic structure it appears that economic globalization is not purely a symptom of political action, but increasingly, economic globalization is the cause of political action.


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